Our little El Mago is growing-up and I am thinking to ask Hugo and Maya to update the drawing. Not a complete change , just a brush–up to do justice to the wine and the team. Its essence, based on fresh fruit no use of oak remains the same, but as years go by our attention to details is tightened thanks to the great team at the fore-front. The Mesies family, Silvia, Jessica, Salvador are in charge of the vineyard and supervised by Dr Dominique Roujou de Boubée our consultant.
El Mago is the fruit of a few parcels under constant surveillance, looking at the vigour of the plants and acting adequately by leaf removal in the basal part, removing suckers, cautious spray programme, (all organic) feed-back and rapid intervention.
In the sector of Canerets for instance we noticed a 10% water-stress and we have decided to irrigate the parcel, just enough for the vine to continue to grow consistently.
Whilst in Varball we have a balance canopy.
Have a great holiday!!