A few days ago we went with Dominique, our oenologist, to Terra Alta and Priorat to taste samples of new vintage 2016.
As most of you already know, in Terra Alta we produce our organic wine El Mago. For this vintage, besides the red, we have also produced a very fresh and light white wine aged on its lees and a rosé with no sulphites. Both new wines will be very limited productions and will be sold under the trademark El Mago.
We tasted samples of the three wines. In general we have found very clean, fresh fruit aromas and a crisp acidity that will provide that freshness and lightness so typical from El Mago.
2016 is been a very good vintage: lower in volume but great quality grapes. The climate has been mostly dry during the entire growing season. Some rain during flowering was good for the vine and after that, the climate remained dry. No fungal attacks shown up and the grapes were very healthy.
We also went to Burgos Porta (Poboleda) where we vinify our Priorat wines. There, we tasted the different samples, some from Burgos Porta (Grenache and carignan) and some from Torroja, where Franck recently bought a vineyard (Grenache, carignan, syrah and cabernet sauvignon). Even though the samples were tasted before the wine was pressed and consequently, with a higher astringency, we all agreed in the good levels of acidity, which predict a very fresh vintage, a common point in Franck Massard wines.
2016 has also been a very dry vintage in Priorat and even though the volume harvested is lower than previous vintages, the grapes showed an excellent quality.
We will keep you informed about this new vintage!
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