The family of Magicians is growing and we are very proud to introduce our new member: El Mago white 2015.

It’s the first white wine we produce in DO Terra Alta and is the “brother” of our beloved El Mago red that most of you already know and appreciate.

Our El Mago white was born from a single vineyard in altitude at the village of Villalba dels Arcs and is produced with organic certified white Grenache.

We have taken great care of this wine since the first day, working manually at the vineyard and the winery and respecting the natural circumstances of this vintage.

After ageing on its lees for about 6 months in stainless steel tanks, we bottled it in April this year.

The production is very limited, this vintage 2015 we have roughly produced 1,200 bottles. We have kept the same label as its red wine “brother” but in this case, we liked the idea of something different and we have manually wax sealed its top.

It’s a very fresh, light wine, with nice baked apples and stone fruits aromas. And it’s the perfect partner with oysters.

We are very grateful with the Mesies family for their outstanding job and unconditional support. Without them, this wine would have never been produced.

We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

PS: If everything goes as expected, next year we will be a large family of 3….we will keep you posted!