We are pleased to share with you all the recent score obtained from our 2014 Licis in Sweden.
Licis is the name of a single plot located in Amandi (Lugo) where the grape variety Mencia grows on low fertile schist soils. A parcel with steep slopes and a great sun exposure is the origin of this elegant wine.

With this recent score, Licis obtained 5 out of 5 (highly recommended), maximum score obtained to the Mencia grape through the Systembolaget ( Goverment-owned chain of liquor stores in Sweden.)

Here is the blind tasting notes of the jury:
The wines of Ribeira Sacra belong to Spain's hidden red wine jewels. The grape méncia is grown here on terraces where soil and climate add a mineral touch to the wines. Raspberry, lavender, licorice and gravel in the same breath. Spicy and expressive taste that lasts for a long time.

Our conclusions on this?
Outstanding! Beautiful wine made with care, love and our bare hands. Vintage 2014 reengages with a classical elegant style from Ribeira Sacra

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